Women Perfume: Tips On Getting Her The Best

Gifting perfumes to women can be a tricky affair because fragrance forms an integral part of a lady’s pride. Though all ladies have a soft spot for perfumes, the experience can leave a bitter taste in your mouth were you to gift the wrong one. Pinpointing the best is no mean task considering the wide variety of fragrances available today. Here are tips to help you get perfume that is a good match for that special lady.


You need to ask yourself a couple of questions before making a purchase because ladies of a reserved nature usually have different tastes compared to their out-going counterparts. Is she fond of wearing latest fashion trends or she is mostly in jeans? Does she prefer eco-friendly linen type of clothes? When it comes to perfumes, your scent is your signature as it speaks volumes about personality explaining why most fun-loving ladies like citrusy or aquatic fragrance whereas the quiet type prefer woody or floral.


Fragrance preference does not cut across board when it comes to age. Perfume that appeals to your teenage sister might make your mother run like a bat straight out of hell. Young girls would die for fruity fragrances endorsed by their favorite musician while a woman in her late 30’s would go for something timeless.


If salty sea air at the beach is something she adores, then aquatic, summery fragrance is the way to go. On the flip side, a mountain kind of girl would love a floral and woody blend and something earthy would work for ladies that love architecture. What about an outdoor girl that loves trekking? You probably ask. You can never go wrong with a floral-fruity fragrance in this case.

Know her preferred fragrance

Figuring out her present fragrance favorite is prudent before buying. You do not have to get an exact copy but you are advised to prefer those having similar notes. If fragrances that come with fruity notes is what she likes, you could request the sales person to help you get the same. Not unless you are asking for trouble, it would be in your best interest to give a wide berth to scents that she cannot stand. It is along the same lines that you should get a scent you like so that you are always comfortable whenever she wears it.

That is it! Conforming to the aforementioned will ensure that you get it right the first time.