Tips to Make a Short Instagram Video

Instagram is a powerful engagement tool that you can use to grow your culinary business. In fact, if you’re in the food business, there’s every chance that you’re following brands such as Hatchery, MarcusCooks, Starbucks and more. Also, you have, in all probability seen their short, captivating Instagram videos. Want to replicate the same on your account? Here’s how to do it.


As stated most videos made by the big brands are quick and upbeat. To make one, you need to figure out which recipe, story or technique you can share in fifteen seconds. Of course, you won’t go for a recipe that has more than a handful of ingredients. You’re better off with simple technique involving a few steps. Keep your story uncomplicated. You may, for instance, try something like “how to cut an avocado” or “how to clean a mixer” and so on.

Set the Stage

Your setting should have all the ingredients before you start. Consider using the Instagram app with your camera placed on a tripod stand. This way, you don’t have to hold the camera when arranging the scene. Better yet, ask your friend to do the filming.


All you need to do here is to open the Instagram app, tap the camera and shoot. Remember – you’re recording the audio as well so use your headphone’s integrated microphone especially if you’ll be talking over your video. Edit and add more shots if necessary. Once you have your video in place, you may decide to add filters.  Select an attractive thumbnail that will make the target audience stop, watch and leave a like.


Now that everything is set, it is time to share the video with your followers. Be sure to use the hashtags such as #recipevideo, #foodvideo, # how to. Also, tag everyone who helped or was in the video.

…One more thing,

Needless to say, the more followers you have the more likes your video is likely to get. If you’re just starting out or want to add more followers (and likes for that matter), you can always buy them. Visit to read more about various websites where you can purchase high-quality likes and followers for your Instagram page. Most importantly, read how to avoid getting scammed by websites that claim to offer Instagram likes/followers but fail to deliver and the alternatives that actually provide value for your money.