Taller And Wider Safety Gates: They Are The Ultimate Choice

Choosing the best and adequate safety gates for your baby is a challenging task. There are no a lot of ways to get all information you are going to need. Sadly, most parents learn from their own mistakes. We know how problematic this is, and we believe baby safety is the most important. The first and the most important factor or tip to remember is the type of a safety gate you need. At www.babyandpetgates.com you can see some of the most popular and the safest models currently available. Here you can also choose a safety gate that is perfect for your specific demands.

Taller means safer

In a case with tall baby gates, wide, baby safety: www.babyandpetgates.com, you should know that you are making a safe decision. The main fact to consider is the actual height of a gate. It must be ¾ of your child height in order to be even considered! Yes, it may be more expensive than similar models or smaller versions, but it is at least 40% safer! The minimal height is 60 cm. Never, absolutely never choose safety gates that are lower than that. They are sufficient, but for a short period of time. Most parents will forget about their safety gates, so they won’t pay any attention to them until an accident occurs. That’s why taller is always better.

Wide safety gates are more appreciated as well. They are ideal for areas where a lot of space must be divided. Yes, there are some models that can be extended or tweaked so they work as wider versions, but they are not something you should choose. They are unstable as well, so they can fall under a small level of pressure.

What about slat openings?

There are 80% chances most parents never think about this aspect. But, it is more important than any of you can imagine. The slat opening must be between 50 and 90 mm. No matter how small or big a child is, he won’t be able to push his head through the gate when the opening is in mentioned figures. If it is larger than 90 mm, smaller children may try to take advantage of that, which is a huge issue!

Here, smaller is always better. It suggests that you should consider the slat opening among the first factors when looking for a new safety gate. In addition, this factor should be regularly monitored and maintained.