“Chart” of drugs and things, which should be in every first aid.

What things and drugs unambiguously worth to be held at houses? Here is an approximate list.


It has to be in each house. Effervescence accompanies many diseases therefore not to do without a thermometer in any way – it at any time will help to check, whether all as it should be.


Soaps and waters it can appear enough for cleaning of a skin around small scratch or a cut. And here for essential depression of risk of an infection, it is worth using an antiseptic. Peroxide of Hydrogen or medical alcohol quite approach.

Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) and Paracetamol

These drugs, first of all, are required for us at cold and flu. They are used for depression of body temperature, and not to do without their presence at the home first-aid kit in any way.

Adhesive plaster

The majority of scratches perfectly begin to live in itself, but if a scratch is located so that the mud can get to it or it will be constantly rubbed with clothes, then it is worth applying an adhesive plaster.


It is one of the most important tools. It allows learning a condition of lungs and heart without internal intervention. It is the important diagnostic tool allowing making the correct diagnoses quickly and precisely. Find more about the best available stethoscope models at http://www.stethoscopelab.com/.

Muscle cream

Cream against muscle pain is simply necessary for the calm of the tired muscles or pain in a lower part of a back. Certainly, it is worth applying similar creams with care as some of them contain the ingredients capable of doing harm at an overdosage.

Sterile gauze

The gauze or bandage will be useful in case of damages more serious, than a cut paper at which there will already be few adhesive plaster. Don’t forget to change only bandages and in case of especially deep cuts to consulting with the doctor.

Measured spoon

The effect of drugs directly depends on a dosage, therefore, to accept liquid drugs, having measured them “approximately”, can be not only it is noneffective, but also it is dangerous.

Tablets and syrups from tussis.

Tussis – one of the main symptoms of cold, and cold the most widespread illness which happens often and takes us unawares. Such drugs – an irreplaceable agent, especially if at you are high temperature, and you can’t run to a drugstore easily anymore.


Tweezers can be useful for removal of various problem splinters. However, it can be applied in quite a lot of places, and therefore unambiguously it worth holding near at hand.