Causes Of Neck Pain And Solutions

Causes Of Neck Pain And Solutions

Neck pains are very common because this part of the body plays a very important task of holding the head in place. It holds about 11 pounds of mass which include muscles, bones, and ligaments on your upper side of the body. While it seems like the neck only coordinates the head movement, it is a delicate balance and a simple strain can lead to unforeseen suffering. At times, the pain can be temporal and fades away on its own. At other times, the pain can be persistent and call for medical attention. The following are some of the causes of neck pains

Muscle strain and tension

There are many conditions that may lead to muscle strain and tension. For instance, working on a desk for too long without changing positions. It is very common among those people who work in the offices for long hours. Maintaining a bad posture can also lead to these pains. You should always sit in an upright position and invest in a good workstation. Spending too much time on your smartphone can also lead to neck pains as you lean towards it. Ensure that the screen is always on the same level as your eyes to avoid neck pains.


Accidents are very common and they at times lead to neck pains. The neck muscles are very vulnerable to injuries in cases like car accidents, sports, falls or any other activities that are strenuous. In such cases, the neck muscles and ligaments are forced to move out of their normal space. In some cases, the spinal cord may as well be affected when the cervical vertebrae, which makes up the neck muscles, is fractured. Whiplash is very common during car crashes. It refers to a process whereby the neck muscles and ligaments extend beyond their normal range.

Remedies for neck pain

The approach one takes when it comes to neck pains will depend on the magnitude and the cause. Handheld neck massagers are very effective in getting rid of the neck pains. They come in different designs and have varying features. Free Your Spine reviews some of the coolest models that can help you fight these pains. On top of pain relief, handheld massagers can also act as stress relievers, improve immune function, enhance circulation and help in body detoxification. Some of the factors to consider when selecting one include price, durability, and features.