Beginner Tips for Building a Bookshelf with Wood Shelf Brackets

When building a bookshelf with wood shelf brackets, don’t be in a rush. If you insist otherwise, you’ll be making one of the most common beginner mistakes in woodworking.

The idea of building a bookshelf can make you excited, sure. But avoid letting your excitement get in the way of doing your project correctly.

Here are some beginner tips to look into.

Use Long-Lasting Anchors

First up is to choose the right type of anchors to install.

For a bookshelf, use long-lasting ones because these anchors are heavy-duty. They are usually very thick and are made of steel and aluminum.

While they may be costlier than their plastic counterparts, they’re a better option. They offer better security and support. This is true because once you put them up, they expand from behind the surface of the drywall.

Drill Screw Holes Beforehand

Then, you should pre-drill screw holes.

It’s also a common beginner mistake to drill screw holes when you have already put up the wooden surface.

For an amateur woodworker, this might not seem problematic. For him, as long as you can insert the screws to secure the bookshelf, you’ll be fine.

In a way, he’s on to something. You will be fine, indeed.

But do you know how you can do the job faster?

By pre-drilling screw holes!

Put up L-Brackets Beforehand

You should also install L-brackets first before installing the bookshelf.

L-brackets seem to be nothing but “extra tools for support”. So you might be thinking that they’re the last to go in because they are merely complementary.

But you’re wrong. It’s best to go in the other direction.

They’re necessary for you to avoid a sagging bookshelf. Especially if you’ll be loading your shelf with heavy books.

Go Cordless

Lastly, you should consider using cordless tools.

This is a practical idea because these tools can provide you with a better range of motion. With them, you can work properly. Imagine how stressful it is to have to work with wired tools.

Just make sure you use cordless tools with a battery system that shouldn’t fail you too fast. And to do that, you need to understand the different battery types for these cordless tools.

Final Thoughts

Many beginners in woodworking think about building a bookshelf once they already know the basic skills. So it’s not a surprise that at your level, it’s what you want to build.

Don’t be in a hurry, though. Especially if this bookshelf is your first project, you need to do it the right way!