3 Time-Saving Magic of Twitter Automation Tools

A major reason why you should start using Twitter automation tools is due to their time-saving advantage.

It depends on how you use them. But they can dramatically reduce the time you work on growing your account — by more than 50%!

Want a list of the best Twitter automation tools?

Then, check out what Fred Harrington has to say. In his blog, you’ll find a list, as well as reviews, of the best Twitter bots such as Tweet Full and TweSocial.

Moving forward, here’s a list of time-saving ways that Twitter automation tools can help you with.

1. Manage

Especially if you own multiple accounts on Twitter, account management can be time-consuming. Not only will it eat up a lot of your time, the task can also confuse you and make you susceptible to complete start overs.

But thanks to automation tools, managing your accounts doesn’t have to consume too much time anymore. You can use a management tool that allows you to monitor all account activities on all accounts.

Now, this is a much better alternative to logging out from one account and then signing onto another account just to check.

Let’s say it takes you five minutes to check one account. If you have 10 Twitter accounts, that’s 50 minutes of simply checking accounts.

Importantly, that’s 50 minutes that could just go down the drain — without the magic of automation tools, that is.

2. Schedule

With a scheduling feature, you can upload content, create a schedule for this content to be posted, and finally, set the program on auto-pilot mode.

So rather than spend every day on Twitter, you can spend just a day — or a couple of minutes — for your Twitter account to be up and running for a series of days.

This feature is a huge time-saver for these types:


    • Frequent travellers


    • People with active lifestyles


    • Owners of multiple Twitter accounts


    • Busy people

3. Queue

Then, there’s the magic of many automation tools’ queue feature.

If you have evergreen content, the queue feature is very handy. All you need to do is specify a certain Tweet for it to be re-tweeted for you on your account as many times as you prefer.

Instead of re-tweeting the same content multiple times, you can sit back and relax right after you set up an automation tool to do it for you.

Final Thoughts

Remember that to succeed, you need to take matters up a notch.

So apart from using Twitter automation tools, be ready to adopt a growth mindset. Be a forward-thinker and show independence, initiative, and perseverance.